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 Peter Maxim




My family have gone to Peter for guitar lessons for over ten years now, with three of us having been taught by him. We all feel he is an excellent teacher who caters to your personal music genre and teaches you the songs that you want to learn, making his lessons enjoyable. He is a friendly and helpful teacher, and I would recommend him to anyone learning guitar at any level.

Paul Crisp

For Guitar or Bass tuition, look no further. Peter has a depth of experience on which to draw to help develop your playing technique. With the ability to put you at ease and coax you through the tricky bits, the learning process moves forward at your own pace.  Whether you choose tracks to master or follow Peter's suggestions to illustrate patterns and playing styles, you can’t fail to improve (so long as you keep up the practice).  Above all enjoy yourself.

Richard  Day

Peter has been tutoring me in guitar for some time now and I can honestly say it has been a most enjoyable experience.  Peter allows you to develop at your own pace, in any style you prefer and, luckily for me, he is very patient and supportive.  He has also widened my appreciation for other genres of guitar styles.

I am more than happy to commend him to anyone wishing to improve their technique or, like me, start from scratch - because he is a very experienced and talented teacher.


Mike Halloran, Crowthorne


I've been having guitar lessons with Peter for over 5 years now. I've very much enjoyed the journey and have had patient advice from Peter about everything from style of play to the type of guitar. I have recommended Peter to friends and look forward to many more lessons. During my lesson we tend to work on a piece for a few weeks and then choose another piece which Peter rapidly transcribes onto sheet music for me.

James Tait

Peter Maxim is the most complete musician I have ever met, who is genuinely able to teach guitar at any level and in any style with equal distinction. More remarkably, in my experience he is uniquely able to bridge the gap between intuitive playing based on “feel” and “ears”, with structure and theory more commonly associated with classical music. I have had the good fortune to have been one of Peter’s students for over ten years, during which time I have progressed from being a fairly limited and one dimensional player to someone with the confidence to write and professionally record my own compositions.

Duncan Allen

I have been coming to see Peter for some years now and prior to that I had been a typical self-taught guitarist.

Peter is the complete guitarist – he teaches all styles - and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to seek out Peter’s help irrespective of their playing ability.

I now feel that I have a much better understanding of music and the way I feel about the guitar and will definitely continue to benefit from Peter’s expertise.

Phil Sivyer

Peter has taught my son Alfie bass guitar for the last two years.  Alfie absolutely enjoys his lessons so much and really looks forward to them.  Peter has a very relaxed but thorough teaching style, as Peter is confident, friendly and makes learning really fun.  I would recommend Peter as your new music teacher! Peter’s family members are classically trained, he comes from a musical background, what could be better.


Kymm Alexander (mother)

I have been learning guitar from Peter since 2004.  I have been really enjoying to learn from him a lot about basic guitar technique.  He has a variety of knowledge of guitar style, such as Rock, Jazz, Spanish, Classic, Bosa Nova etc.  So I am enjoying the different style of music, and from time to time by selecting my favourite tune or following his recommendations for tunes which I did not know before.  It has been very good experience.  As I am a businessman, the flexibility in scheduling of lessons is another benefit.  I hope I can continue to learn from him a lot.

Katsunori Yamanouchi

© Peter Maxim, 2013

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